Body Sculpting

Trusculpt is a no-downtime procedure that uses therapeutic temperatures to administer a  multi-dimensional approach to body sculpting. Trusculpt is ideal for problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise, which includes the dreaded “double chin”, “love handles”, and “cheesy thighs”.

It is specifically designed to apply gentle heat to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to shrink fat cells, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite.  Once a fat cell is dead, it cannot regenerate, and the body naturally absorbs the material.The handheld device can achieve superior results in the shortest possible treatment time – usually 3 treatments spaced four weeks apart.  No anesthetic is required;  side effects include redness and tenderness. Best results can take a few months to appear with up to 25% fat reduction.

Harper’s Bazaar named Trusculpt on its “Best Body Firmers” list  and it has an 81% rating on the RealSelf.  Newswoman and host Katie Couric featured Trusculpt on her TV show as a “medically proven technology.”   The maker of the non-invasive radio frequency device is Cutera a pioneer in the innovative uses of ultrasound therapy industry.

Weight Loss Programs

With so many options for weight loss programs, we know that you need sound medical advice and ongoing support.  For the past decade we have refined our options for weight loss down to the ones that are safe for you and deliver outstanding results.  We pair our weight loss products  – which include natural supplements and phentermine – with Vitamin B injections to boost energy and metabolism.

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