Botox Provides Long-Term Skin Benefits

A breaking new study reports that Botox cosmetic treatments could provide long-term, youthful skin benefits. Elasticity within the skin is what helps keep that youthful glow, but when we creep into our later 30s and 40s, that elasticity begins to slowly diminish. This new study followed 43 women who gained Botox injections. After four months, these women saw “significant improvement” in elasticity.

But how does this work, exactly? Magic? Nope. Botox, approved by the FDA in 2001 for its cosmetic benefits, is injected into targeted muscles within the facial aesthetic. Once injected, Botox temporarily limits movement within these muscles, causing fine lines and wrinkles to soften.

In this specific study, a device was able to test the skin on the women who received Botox, measuring the skin’s elasticity. Botox helps maintain this elasticity by constricting muscle movement, therefore benefiting the skin in a youthfully rejuvenated way.

“Botox could be more than just a quick fix and could possibly provide long-term benefits,” Good Morning America reported.

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Currently, Botox is the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United States with millions of treatments performed last year. It’s a highly in-demand treatment for people wanting rejuvenated, youthful results without a recovery period. Because of today’s fast-paced society, quick, efficient treatments like Botox are on the rise.

Medical professionals, like doctors, nurses, etc., can provide Botox treatments to clients with proper training. National Laser Institute is a medical aesthetics school that offers medical professionals cosmetic injectable training with treatments like Botox. Led by leading medical aesthetic professionals, attendees will learn injectable safety, the latest techniques, and gain hands-on training with real clients.

In as little as a weekend, medical professionals can receive Botox training and earn CME/CE credits upon course completion. With the going price of Botox around $500 per client, medical professionals have the opportunity to gain financial benefits from adding this service to their repertoire.

Article originally posted by the National Laser Institute. 

Valerie Merrill

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